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STACK is a very popular online assessment system, used by many groups in a variety of languages. STACK has been the subject of research, and has itself enabled research projects to take place. This page contains a selection of publications.

Computer aided assessment of mathematics

Cover of Computer Aided Assessment of Mathematics

Computer Aided Assessment of Mathematics, Chris Sangwin, Oxford University Press, 2013.

This book provides an Introduction to Computer Aided Assessment using STACK as the main working example.

Nakamura (2010)


Y. Nakamura, The STACK e-Learning and Assessment System for mathematics, science and engineering education through Moodle, Tokyo Denki University Press, 2010, (In Japanese) ISBN 978-4-501-54820-9.

Papers about STACK

Below are a small selection of papers about STACK, and are a good place to start. A comprehensive bibliography is available here: STACK bibliography, with the entries in BiBTeX format.

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